Yoga Master: Laura

Lotus Tree

There are few physical activities I dislike more than yoga. My impression of Yoga is that it’s the practice of standing uncomfortably. So I was surprised when Laura, a yoga instructor I met at a gallery opening, approached me about giving her the BBoy Monster treatment. 

At first I was hesitant. Especially since I know next to nothing about Yoga. Plus I think a large part of my success with the BBoy Monsters comes from my knowledge of the dance, and each dancer’s specialty. For this shoot I would have none of those advantages.

I felt like I was basically going into this shoot blind. Beforehand I did a quick google image search for “yoga pictures” to get a general feel of what the atmosphere should be like. This helped me pick a location – which then got rained out on the day of the shoot. In the end we settled on two alternative locations I had planned as a backup.

I agreed to do this shoot, because I figured one of my inspirations for this style of work comes from Hindu sculptures. So it seemed fitting to me to express yoga in this way. But this was hard. This was shot at the beginning of July, but I was swamped with assisting work and a long week of travel after. It’s taken me nearly a month to finish these images when it should’ve taken a week. But leaning on Laura’s expertise, I’m feeling pretty good about how they came out.

Sitting Tree
Rising Lotus
Toe Taps
Lotus Root

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