World of One: Tao


Image size (HxW): 24” x 46 5/16” | Paper Size (HxW): 30″ x 52 5/16″ | Edn 5

Tao in Chinese (or sometimes spelled Dao) is a word often used to “asian-ify” things. In the west, the word connotes images of oriental themed nightclubs, or chinese takeouts and sake bombs. But in Chinese it simply means “the way.” The way it’s used however, I think it should be translated to “the way things should be.”

I’ve been going through a number of personal changes in my life, and these last three months have been filled with new experiences. These changes have come at a fast pace, and I find that I’m just now having the chance to take it all in. So I’m using this chance to take pause and reflect on the journey so far.

I think this image reflects this precise moment in my life, where I find myself questioning whether I like the direction I’m moving in. There’s a sense of unease I get when I look at this image, one that mimics how I feel when I think I’m starting to get lost. This is the reason why I’ve titled this piece Tao, because I realize I’m trying to find my own way. I’m trying to figure out who I should be, and who I want myself to be.

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