World of One: Shinobi No Kame

Shinobi No Kame - A group of dark suited Asian men standing on a roof, staring at an Asian man emerging in a white suit.

Shinobi No Kame
Image size (HxW): 24″ x 40 7/16” inches | Paper Size (HxW): 30″ x 46 7/16” | Edition of 5

Shinobi No Kame is inspired by Ninja Turtles (my favorite tv show growing up), and by the legendary Life Magazine photographer Gordon Parks. Although the atmosphere of Shinobi No Kame is reminiscent of a generic comic book ambush scene. The composition is inspired by Gordon Parks’ iconic The Invisible Man collaboration with writer Ralph Ellison.

Production Notes

This shot was taken almost as an afterthought. This summer, I was obsessed with shooting a water balloon scene for World of One similar to my snowball work. But on the day of my water balloon shoot, one of my two assistants showed up hours past the calltime. So I ended up shooting Shinobi No Kame with the first assistant while we were waiting for the second to arrive. Probably a good thing though, because the water balloon shot turned out to be a total bust!!! Not enough water balloons.

Artist Notes

I think this image shows the general feeling of anxiety I have about living the artist life. Everyday feels like I’m entering the unknown, and there’s danger everywhere just waiting to strike. I suppose this is how most entrepreneurs feel. There is so much advice out there on how to become successful, it’s hard to separate the knowledge from the bullshit.

See the behind the scene shots below!

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Shinobi No Kame BTS - Asian guy on a rooftop setting up a camera on a tripod
Setting up the establishing shot.


Shinobi No Kame BTS - A man with a maroon baseball cap, emerging from a manhole.
My assistant, Ari providing me with expert focal point service.


Shinobi No Kame BTS - An asian man lifting up a roof cover.
Test shot.


Shinobi No Kame BTS - Asian guy on a rooftop setting up a camera on a tripod
Setting up shots for the dark suits


Shinobi No Kame BTS - A bucket of water balloons.
One bucket of water balloons is not enough for a balloon fight.


Shinobi No Kame BTS - An Asian man in a white suit climbing down the side of a fire escape.
Trying to hide the fact I’m terrified of heights.

Special thanks to Ari Millman, Will Yuan, and Stephanie Del Rio for assisting me on this shoot!!!

BTS photos courtesy of Will Yuan and Ari Millman.

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