World of One: Narcissus II

Asian man in black standing on a stump in the middle of a pond, men in white reflected within the pond looking at him.
Narcissus II
Image size (HxW): 24″ x 48 1/8” | Paper Size (HxW): 30″ x 54 1/8” | Edition of 5

I’ve just completed a beautiful new addition to my World of One series, welcome to the world Narcissus II!!!

The picture in my Beautiful Failures post and Narcissus II were shot on the same day. In fact, Narcissus II is much closer to the shot that I had originally planned for the day, and was actually shot first!!! But it was while we were shooting this angle, that I realized the Beautiful Failures angle would be more visually engaging. Which is why I was so discouraged when the image in Beautiful Failures didn’t work out. I felt like I was so close to making a better picture, but just came up short. Convinced it’d be easier to reshoot, I stopped working on the composite for Narcissus II altogether.

However, a friend recently gave me a new digital camera which I was testing this past weekend. As I was waiting for my new shots to import, I started browsing the images in my Narcissus II folder. This time, I noticed a few frames suitable for completing the image I had in my mind (or at least something close to it). These frames gave me the confidence and motivation to complete this work.

Narcissus II revisits the themes from my 2012 image that shares the same name. Both images use reflections to address one of the central themes in World of One: How do you see yourself?

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