World of One: Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Image size (HxW): 24” x 40” | Paper Size (HxW): 30″ x 6″ | Edn 5

While it’s a bit late, today I’m happy to unveil my first World of One entry for 2020 – Lost and Found.

This was originally shot in November 2018, but I didn’t finish the composite till just last week. As for the reason why, it’s really quite simple. 

I’m an idiot. 

I somehow managed to misplace the files for half the rolls I took. Seeing as how I only took two rolls, I couldn’t see how I’d finish the image when I only had figures dressed in white (all the black jackets were on the first roll). So I filed this picture away under “failures” for a year and moved onto other projects. As I was poking around my archives a few weeks ago (what is time under lockdown anyway?), I accidentally clicked on the wrong folder and miraculously found the other half of my files.

Lost and Found was shot in Central Park the same day I shot Tao. I originally thought this would be pretty straightforward to composite. But trying to keep the little rainbows from the lens flare in, was definitely an interesting technical challenge. Particularly since the rainbows are there in some frames, but not in others. So I had to use some creative layering in order to give the illusion that the rainbow is still transparent for the closest white jacket.

These rainbows were a bitch.

Looking at this image reminds me how difficult it is to shoot fall. There’s really only around one to two weeks of peak foliage, and if the weather is shit during those weeks then tough luck. I’ve never been truly satisfied with any of my fall images. But I think this one at least has a more favorable people to trees ratio.

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