World of One: Diligentia II

World of One: Diligentia II

Diligentia II (from the series World of One)

Archival Pigment Print from 35mm Negatives
24″ x 40″ inches | edition of 5


Diligentia II, the image I’m sharing today, was shot way back in August — on the same day I shot Somnium. Though it normally doesn’t take me two months to produce a new image, my personal work has been moving at a glacial pace since September. Though I’m pleased to announce that I have begun internships with two of my photography heroes, Mary Ellen Mark and Platon, between the time I spend interning throughout the week, and my busy travel schedule, I have been struggling to find time to develop my own personal work.

As the name implies, Diligentia II revisits the same inspirations and ideas about “persistence” that I touched upon with Diligentia I. For me, persistence is the ability to force yourself to keep going, even when numerous doubts and fears tell you otherwise. In the composition here, the figures in white represent my doubts and fears, which, like the figures, are continuously lurking in the shadows and slowly stepping into light. The figure in black, on the other hand, represents my will and persistence. While he acknowledges the other figures, he is still positioned to move forward into the darkness.

Diligentia II is shot at the exact same location where I shot Diligentia I. While I originally did not consider Diligentia I a success due to its static composition (which is why I’ve opted for a more dynamic angle and placement of the figures in Diligentia II). In seeing the two images together now, I actually appreciate the former piece a little bit more. While I think Diligentia II is much more compositionally exciting, Diligentia I is more graphically simple and straight forward. Both express the same ideas, but it is the paths they take in the execution of those ideas that are different.

Special thanks to the honorable pusher of buttons Jenn Boudreau for assisting me on this shoot!

Diligentia I

Diligentia I (from the series World of One)

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