World of One: The World is Watching

The World is Watching - One figure sitting on a wooden stool on the street, crowd of figures wearing N95 masks in white staring at the sitting figure in the reflection.
The World is Watching
24″ x 42 1/2″
edn: 5

The World is Watching – Shot towards the end of May, about a week before NYC started to emerge from lockdown. This image is inspired by how I felt the world (particularly Asia) was watching the U.S during the beginning of the pandemic. As of July 2020, I don’t think that situation has changed much. Although personally, one key difference I’ve noticed, is that I much more readily identify with the figures in the masks now. 

Hey Florida! You see those guys in the mirror? Ya, that’s us lookin’ atchu!!

This was shot in the window of a restaurant called Freeks Mill, which occupies the building next to me. For the four years that I’ve lived in this location, Freeks Mill gave people a reason to come to my neighborhood. Now sadly it’s been closed, just another business caught up in the current of these strange times.

From a technical standpoint this was actually kind of difficult. Layering the different reflections, while trying to maintain their transparency, was definitely something of a challenge. But I’m satisfied with the result! I also worked with a new photo lab this time which gave me larger scans than I’ve used so far. So from a technical standpoint this just might be my best World of One yet!

Special thanks to my roommate Ari for assisting me on this shoot!!


  1. Really love this shot. It makes the viewer really observe the frame behind the main subject. I’m sure that is the objective. Have you done another shoot with this concept in mind? It would be cool to see more!

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