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Portrait of a Young Women, 2017 WMNYC
A Young women in the crowd, at Women’s Rights March, NYC. Jan. 2017


With all the recent protests that have happened in the last week, I felt the need to do my part in documenting this moment in history. The last time I felt this way, and probably the last time I really shot straight photography, was when President Obama was first inaugurated in 2009. I was still a university student then, and I haven’t really thought about shooting street photography much since.

Mary Ellen Mark used to describe street photography to me as like “Playing an instrument, if you don’t practice it, you’ll lose it.”

So I was a little nervous about getting my feet wet again.

I feel like a much better photographer now than I did as a student. But I’ve probably just become more patient, and more perceptive with age. Here below are some street photography images I’ve shot over the last two weeks. Some are from protests, and some are shot just because. My goal for these images was to purely go out and explore, reacting instinctively and emotionally to my surroundings, and take pictures with no preconceived notions.

Let me know which ones you like in the comments!

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