Solitarius - A red haired women standing underneith Cherry Blossoms in white. Same red haired women in black looking around.

Solitarius This seems like an appropriate share for today. Shot in April 2017 featuring the beautiful Nadia, who you might recognize from some of my other photos. This image plays on the same themes as the Stranger (my first Cherry Blossom portrait) such as the line between loneliness and solitude.

Around this time every year, I start to get really anxious when the Cherry Blossoms start to bloom. Because every year, I know I have a narrow window to shoot a piece that includes them. These portraits are always challenging, because I essentially have to balance two to three points of focus. Plus I know that if I fuck it up, I’ll have to wait another year to get another shot. 

This year however, I don’t feel that pressure. Largely because I’ve just accepted the fact that I should staying the fuck home just like everyone else. I am still writing and creating though, and am planning to release more work in the coming days and weeks. 

The times are scary because they are filled with such uncertainty. But I also see this as a huge opportunity for self reflection, which just so happens to be what a lot of my work is about.

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