The First 100


This was my first pile of 100 cranes. The first hundo were actually the easiest to fold. This is because I was still motivated, but that quickly changed with the more cranes I made. I ended up working on this project sporadically throughout the course of a year. While I tried to maintain a pace of 10 cranes per day (which costs roughly 40 minutes of pain), I rarely had the discipline to keep that pace for an extended period of time. Occasionally I would feel guilty about my lack of progress and self discipline, and would binge by folding up to 30 in a day. This of course, would then be followed by a week of doing nothing. My pace did however, pick up as my deadline started approaching, and I watched the first blizzard of the season roll through with only 50% of cranes I needed. Some people would call this process “procrastination,” I however, prefer to call it “gradual motivation.”

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