New Year, New Books

An Asian man in a derby hat peering through a pile of 37 little red books.
What 37/451 little red books look like.

Happy Lunar New Year Art Friends!!! 

This is my second favorite holiday, and is traditionally when I like to start my new year’s resolutions. So I thought now would be a good time to reflect on where I’m at, in terms of my book burning project. 

At the time of writing this, I have now finished 37/451 books. I’m still averaging a rate of about 10x books/month, but my technique is definitely improving. The binding process alone (read: the most labor intensive part) for my first book took me about 8 hours. My current record for fastest binding, stands at around 2 hours. At this rate, it will still take me another 4 years just to produce the material for the burn. But this estimate comes with the caveat that I continue to have stable funding.

This brings me to the topic of fundraising. During my last round of fundraising in November 2020, we raised over $4000!!! This was enough for me to get a jump start on this project, and produce another 30 books. This was also by far my most successful crowdfunding experience. But the reality is, in the field it’s not enough. I really need to be raising this amount on a monthly basis in order to have a lasting impact. 

These are the targeted monthly goals, and what they will help me accomplish:

$3000 – this is the minimum I need to raise to keep the lights on.

$4000 – this amount allows me to maybe go buy tacos every once in a while.

$5000 – At this level and up, I can put money into a rainy day fund and/or hire an assistant. This target could cut my production time by as much as 50%.

Starting this round I will begin giving weekly fundraising updates each Sunday. As well as begin listing donors on my support page. If each member of my audience donated $5/month, I wouldn’t have to make this ask. But it’s unlikely this post will even be seen by all of them. So I’d suggest making a donation of $25.

As of publishing this post, for the month of February 2021 we have raised: $100.

You can make a tax-deductible donation via the link below:

Donate now at Fractured Atlas!

If donating isn’t really your style. The one that helps me the most as an artist is selling prints. Almost everything you see on this site is for sale (with some commission work being the exception). Please email me at: with “prints” in the subject line for pricing and size information.

Lastly, I know we’re living through a plague everyone’s just trying to survive. If that’s the case for you but you’d still like to help: a like, a share, or a comment will all help me beat the algorithms!

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