LGBTQ+ Make Out At Trump Tower

I went to the LGBTQ+ Make Out At Trump Tower this past Sunday to document the LGBTQ+ struggle.

Having had numerous gay friends since college, I felt like it was my duty to go document this protest in particular. Even though it was much less popular than some of the previous protests I covered in the last few weeks. Plus, the image of a huge crowd of people making out at the same time while protesting Trump seemed like a sure win in my mind.

It was a cold, slippery, and rainy afternoon which probably contributed to the low turnout rate. I also took an extra hour to finding the protesters, because I got screwed with the weekend subway schedule, and arrived at the meeting place half an hour late. To make up for loss time, I decided to stay until the end of the protest.

It’s a good thing I did too, because for most of the protest I witnessed, people weren’t making out at all! Instead they waited until the end to count down and have for the group collectively kiss their loved ones.

This was the image I came to capture. But when the decisive moment finally came, I was badly positioned for getting a clean shot.

Check out the images below for my modest edit.


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