I Art Therefore I Am

School of Cambridge GIF – NFT available next week on Opensea.io

Progress is being made, but I’m currently in something of an in between state. Just like how museums need donors to stay afloat, and startups need capital to grow. I need money to bridge the gaps in my cashflow to get to my next opportunity.

Since this year started I’ve made it a point to be more proactive. I apply for at least one art opportunity each week such as grants, exhibitions, or fellowships. I’ve been organizing a group show with two other artists for later this year (hopefully May by the looks of it). I’ve even started minting NFT GIFs like the one shown above, as a way to explore the new frontier. I’m also starting to see the fruits from my labor. I was in a group show at Upstream Gallery last month, and also have work in a live auction next week.

But I’ve had a few setbacks too. I got covid at the end of Feb. and haven’t worked (or gotten paid for previous work) for all of March. Now I’m fighting with everything I’ve got to keep my art afloat.

Because art is my addiction. I make it when I’m happy, and I especially make it when I’m not. I believe that art validates our lives – I art therefore I exist. 

I’ll be one of the first to admit, I’m a bad Asian. We’re not all doctors, lawyers, engineers, and finance bros. I suck at math, and can’t play an instrument to save my life. I’ve even run out of rice a few times. But I’ve also always followed my inner voice, and I make the kind of work that I want to make. I don’t make what’s trendy, or what society, art critics, or strangers tell me to like. Because for me, the best part about art making is the self expression bit. Through my art, I’m expressing my inner truth. I don’t want the story of Asian American identity to be limited to fighting with our parents, or of being seen as the perpetual outsider. Through my art, I hope my work complicates that story. Maybe if I do it right, it might also help carve out a place in this world for other bad Asians like me.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to my community based art. That way I can feed my addiction, and take more opportunities with both hands. Your support has gotten me this far, and for that I am grateful for every dollar, cent, and words of encouragement.

But there’s still a long way to go. 

With your help, we can get there together! Please click the banner below to make a donation.

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