Elderly Taiwanese man sitting at a wooden table looking off camera to the right.

Grandpa, this is how I’ll always remember you, looking healthy, wise and curious. By the time I took this, you had already forgotten my name. You had already forgotten that I was your grandson. But of course, I remembered you, I remembered who you were to me.

My grandfather taught high school physics in Taiwan for most of his life. But for me, he mostly just taught me about life. Some of my favorite lessons included:

“Always strive to be #2. You get almost the same respect as #1, but with half the responsibility!”

“You have to grasp the root of the problem. Don’t just take a handful of leaves!”

Even though I only got to see him once every few years, he was my favorite relative. I remember him introducing me to Oyakodon (his favorite dish), hole in the wall tofu shops, and Taiwanese style breakfasts.

He was nothing short of kind, loving, and gentle soul.

Elderly Taiwanese man sitting at a wooden table smiling.

I will miss him forever.

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