Door Gods

Brian channeling his inner Asura’s wrath.

When world champion bodybuilder Brian Hazel approached me about giving him the BBoy Monster-esqu treatment, I was hesitant at first. Until now, I had never attached limbs skin to skin before. In the case of the BBoy Monsters, I also do a lot of blending for the limbs by hiding boundaries within the folds of clothing. Initially I even turned him down, recommending him to a friend who specializes in photographing bodybuilders. But Brian assured me that it was my particular expertise and vision that he was after. So I reluctantly agreed.

Brian guarding the halls of justice

My original concept for this set of images, was to combine the eastern door gods with greek sculptures. Basically I was trying to mix traditions of really buff dudes looking menacing, and adding a few extra limbs in for good measure. Brian understood seemed to understand the creative concept immediately. I knew he got it when he replied to my brief with “So in other words you want me to do my best Akuma impression?” 

You can really see the inspiration from Greek sculpture here.


This commission provided me with a unique challenge, and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. In the end, I think it worked out well because he has so much texture to his body anyway. 

Brian doing his best Goro impression.

Thank you Brian for pushing me to raise to the opportunity!!!

All images are for sale and available as prints. Please email me at: for any inquiries.

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