Love is Support

A pile of white paper cranes smoldering in the snow

In photography, they say you should follow your interests. You like sports and celebrities? Shoot sports and celebrities. You want to shoot for Playboy? Better start taking nudes. Me? My main interest is in fine art. I’ve worked in commercial/editorial/retail photography before, which are the areas where someone with my skill set tends to make a living. But I don’t want to help people sell you t-shirts, and more shit you don’t need. I want to sell you work that feeds your soul.

My dream, and life goal really, is to make a middle class income from my art (in New York state the median income is about 60k/year). I don’t want to be rich or famous. But traditionally, the art world is very much a “winner takes all” kind of game. A handful of highly visible artists at the top make most of the money. I just want to make my work and not starve. If I have to become famous in order to do that, them’s the breaks.

We can always make more money, but we can’t make more time.

I think my time is best spent when I’m making art. It’s the area I have the most talent/training in, and where I believe I can best serve my community. While I’m currently having perhaps my most successful year (in terms of showing work/selling books/taking risks). I’m really struggling on the money side because I’m not actually getting paid for my time and labor. The truth is, every time an artist exhibits work, especially small timers like me, it’s a gamble. If that work sells, the gamble pays off. If it doesn’t, we’ve just sunk hundreds and thousands of dollars into the opportunity to potentially sell our work.

But we also live in a very different time. One where content creators of all types are making a living directly through their audiences. I think artists should be no different. If you’ve ever felt connected to my work, or it’s ever given you some small piece of comfort in life. Please consider helping me keep my practice alive, with a monthly or one-time donation. I am a studio of one, I have no interns, assistants, trust funds or fairy godmothers to help me. Your support can mean the crucial difference between my ideas staying in my dreams, or becoming a reality.

Since I raise my money through a fiscal sponsorship with a nonprofit called Fractured Atlas, all your donations are also tax deductible. They also hold me accountable so I don’t blow all my money on things like say, booze. Just click the banner below to make a donation.

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How your monthly donations help me:

$3 / month = 1x Bag of ice at future events

$5 / month = 2x Bags of ice at future events.

$7 / month = Box of envelopes for sending out postcards.

$10 / month = 1x sheet of decorative paper for book covers.

$25 / month = 1x pack of drawing paper.

$50 / month = Roughly what I spent on book covers for Books to Burn – Season 01.

$100 / month = This is roughly what it costs to get my film processed for a World of One.

One-time donation

Too many subscriptions already? You can also support me and my work with a single donation of any amount. Donate this week in any amount and I will white list you for Books to Burn – Season 02. Offer ends 7/8/2022 at 11:59PM.