Counter Weight

I’m so so incredibly proud to announce the opening of a group show I will be apart of next month titled Counter Weight. This is the first show by the Futurist Collective, a group currently consisting of three artists that was formed in December 2021.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” 

Newton’s 3rd law of motion

What is the counterweight for the isolation individually, the unsettling racial injustices nationally, and the pandemic globally? Artists Ivan Cofield (painting), Johnny Tang (photography), and Tommy Vo (mixed media) share their perspectives as they reflect on their identity, mental health, and being seen as Other in New York City during these unprecedented past few years.

The Futurists Collective is a group of three artists based in New York City. Ivan Cofield, Johnny Tang, and Tommy Vo came together from a shared background in dance and hip-hop. Their artwork provides a nuanced reflection of the Other experience. This group aims to create a dialogue within the community through their specific interdisciplinary art practices. Collectively, they have over 30 years of exhibition experience and have had their work shared around the world.

Opening Reception:

One Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Wed – Sun 12PM-6PM

We will also be hosting a series of artist talks and events during the run of the show. Including:

5/19 – Artist Talk by Tommy Vo

5/20 – Get Fresh – 2v2 BBoy Jam

5/26 – Artist Talk by Ivan Cofield

5/27 – HommeMade

6/2 – Artist Talk by Johnny Tang

6/3 – Art Listens

6/4/ – Closing Reception

Check this page in the coming weeks for more info!

A massive and special thank you to ChaShaMa for facilitating with the space!!!

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