A group of asian men in dark suits folding an origami crane, same asian in a light suit smashing it.
Creative Destruction (previously titled War and Peace)

In March of 2020, as we were entering our first lockdown in NYC, I had to do something I’ve always been terrified of. Faced with piles of bills and not knowing when or if I’d ever get paid again, I asked people for money. Then something unexpected happened. People started coming out of the woodwork for me, and for the first time in my life I actually made money off a blogpost. This was both a humbling and eye opening experience. But I also started to see this as a viable way to raise money for making the kind of work I wanted to make. Work that’s for the community, funded by the community.

While the best way to help me is to buy my art, even I can’t afford the art I sell. The next best thing then, is to help me fund the creation of new work.

As an artist, I’m in the business of making things look pretty. While I could use these skills to help companies sell their products. I’d prefer to use them to remind people why life is worth living. But right now, I’m doing a lot more of the former. Because advertising pays, and even a starving artist has to eat. Your donations however, will help me buy time. Time I need to make the kind of work that matters, rather than worrying if I’ll get paid for my last gig.

In order to facilitate the collection of these donations and hold myself accountable. I’ve entered a fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas, which will make your contributions tax deductible. For me it’s just regular income, but for you it’s a tax write off. They will also make sure I spend the money on things like: art supplies. Instead say, squandering it all on: booze, birds, and fast cars.

To make this process much more transparent, monthly and annual goals are listed at the bottom of this page, along with this month’s donors (unless they’ve been specified to be kept private). These numbers will be updated weekly to show how close we are to reaching the goal of making this practice sustainable.

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August 2021
Goal: $5,000 | Raised: $485

August Donors:
Andrew Yip 
Brandon Sugiyama
Sherar Andalcio

Goal: $60,000 | Raised: $1,495

Last Updated: 8/25/2021