BBoy Style: Ninja Monster Technique

Thinking Man Happy Valentines Day folks! Today, your post will come in RED. I apologize to my loyal friends and readers, it’s been a while since I last updated. While it’s been a real struggle for me to find time to make new work in the last two months, I did manage to link up with a very sexy, and explosively talented BBoy – Straw Hat Aaron Shinobi!! We met up for a short photo session yesterday, and tossed around a few ideas. Below are some highlights from the shoot. No Shadow Kick Leap Baby   Thank you guys for all …

Extra Heads and Extra Limbs

When I asked for volunteers to become bboy monsters in my last post, I got exactly one reply. Luckily that reply was the infamous, unnaturally talented – BBoy Baldi. Today was the day we finally got together to try out some ideas. This is what we came up with. Happy Holidays folks! More coming soon!!!

BBoy Monster: Heat Rock One

BBoy Monsters: Heat – Squid Stance 2011 Archival Pigment Print 24″ x 17″ inches | edition of 10 As of today BBoy Monsters is now officially an ongoing series. I am currently looking for more models, so if any readers/bboys are interested in participating in this project please leave me a comment (and make me feel important) or contact me through other means such as email, facebook, etc. Special thanks to my good friend BBoy Heat Rock One for posing for me earlier today!! You guys can expect more of this work in the near future.

BBoy Monster

It feels good to have an idea I’m excited about again. After finally finding myself a job or two, I have spent most of the last month and a half in training/adjusting to the work-man’s life. That is to say, I’ve done very little art making outside of the occasional awful sketches I make in my sketch book. But on the bright side, I’ve finally discovered away to support myself (though it doesn’t involve making art). Although I don’t get as much time to just make stuff anymore, I do feel much more liberated now to make the kind of …