Portrait Call

Lilan Lately I’ve been thinking about ways of expanding my photography practice. Aside from the surreal portraits and book burnings, I also have an interest just in general portraiture. It also happens to be the area I probably have the most experience in. So if you want to get your picture taken, hit me! You can use your pictures for whatever you like. I will use them to help me find work, and take more portraits. DM/Text/email me if you’re interested! Available to all ages/shapes/sizes.

Books to Burn – Season 02

As an artist, I want art to be a democracy. I believe art should be for everyone, the people should get to decide what is art (and good art), and what is not. But in capitalistic terms, that’s not really how the art market functions. It functions more like fascism. Where a small handful of influential galleries, museums and high end collectors really decide what art is valuable and what’s not. My friends can’t really afford my art.  It’s not made for them. A lot of the stuff I make is labor intensive and take a really long time to …

Books to Burn

Books to Burn are small batches of limited edition books available in a variety of colors/patterns. Each book is handmade by myself, and will come with a serial number and corresponding 1/1 NFT.

Counter Weight – Show Report

Our show closed this past Sunday, and it’s taken me a few days to digest what we’ve accomplished. I wanted to take this space to celebrate our wins and contemplate our losses. There are many ways to measure success, and in terms of building an audience and engaging with the community I think we knocked it out of the park. But in terms of sales, the scale that most directly affects our lives, we went for broke and now that’s exactly what we are. To put this show into context. I think it helps to explain how we formed into …

Counter Weight

I’m so so incredibly proud to announce the opening of a group show I will be apart of next month titled Counter Weight.

I Art Therefore I Am

Progress is being made, but I’m currently in something of an in between state. Just like how museums need donors to stay afloat, and startups need capital to grow. I need money to bridge the gaps in my cashflow to get to my next opportunity. Since this year started I’ve made it a point to be more proactive. I apply for at least one art opportunity each week such as grants, exhibitions, or fellowships. I’ve been organizing a group show with two other artists for later this year (hopefully May by the looks of it). I’ve even started minting NFT …

World of One: Resisto

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” Henry David Thoreau Resisto is one of those images I think are technically terrible, but somehow easy to look at. By technically terrible, I mean the focus on most of the suits is slightly off. It was an overcast day and we had very little light, so there are bits of motion blur here and there. The horizon line is skewed. I only shot one roll for this image when I usually shoot three to four, and I ended up using nearly every …