BGirl Monsters: Sunny

BGirl Monsters: Sunny – Blind Style

As of writing this, I’ve been watching Sunny dance (in awe) for about four years now. In that time I’ve seen her do things I’ve never seen any other dancer do – regardless of age or gender. Her style is powerful, technical, and very well executed. Don’t let her bubbly demeanor fool you, because she’ll smoke you on the dance floor and she’ll do it with a smile. It was a real honor getting the chance to shoot her for this project, even more so since she’s a fellow creative and an avid photographer in her own right.

Check out the other shots from our session below! If you’re interested in seeing her in action, here’s a clip put together by our friends over at Stance. Or you can follow her here on instagram.


BGirl Monsters: Sunny – Anansi


BGirl Monsters: Sunny – Anansi 2


BGirl Monsters: Sunny – Sitting Threads


BGirl Monsters: Sunny – Leg Blossom


BGirl Monsters: Sunny – Boxes


BGirl Monsters: Sunny – Lines

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