BBoy Monsters: Xcel

BBoy Monsters: Xcel – Flying Cannon Ball

When I started dancing in back in 2001, Xcel (as in to accelerate – not the spreadsheet) was one of the top guys in the Boston scene where I came up. He was also one of the earliest supporters of our suburban breaking crew.

BBoy Monsters: Xcel – Dragon Gate

I even quoted him in my high school yearbook!! When my crew was organizing one of our earliest events, some crews were hesitant about going up against some of the more experienced cats. Xcel replied “If you have skills, no one can ever take them from you.” That was something that really stuck with me throughout the years, and a phrase I remember to help keep myself motivated.

BBoy Monsters: Xcel – Thinking Buddha

It was an honor to finally add him to the books!!!

BBoy Monsters: Xcel – Pointing Buddha
BBoy Monsters: Xcel – Triangles
BBoy Monsters: Xcel – Thinking Buddha

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