BBoy Monsters: Redaska

BBoy Monster: Redaska – Hercules

A few weeks ago my buddy Steve, a fellow BBoy/Photographer I know from Boston, told me he was moving back to France. While my focus this year has mostly been on binding books and expanding the World of One. As a parting gift, I asked him if he’d be interested in posing for a BBoy Monster.

Steve, who goes by the BBoy name “Redaska” has always had a unique style. Blending creativity with athleticism, his dancing caught my eye from the moment I first saw him throw down. I’ve always thought of his style as a real dancer’s dancer. From the outside his moves might look strange, but to the trained eye his originality is unquestionable. It takes a fair bit of courage to follow that route. Most people just want to get “good” no matter what the content.

This was a fun shoot, but putting the images together afterwards was like finding pieces to a puzzle. Some of these shots hurt my brain a little trying to figure out which limbs could go where. Usually my goal isn’t necessarily to make things look right (as in it’d be possible to make a sculpture out of it), so much as make it look believable. Or at least close enough that the viewer wants to believe it’s possible. I think here there’s a nice balance of both.

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BBoy Monster: Redaska – Lyon Classic
BBoy Monster: Redaska – Clock Face
BBoy Monster: Redaska – Flamingo Dance
BBoy Monster: Redaska – A Shot of Style
BBoy Monster: Redaska – Leap of Faith
BBoy Monster: Redaska – Le Penseur
BBoy Monster: Redaska – Helecopter Kick

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