An Artist’s View on NFTs


For me, the easiest way to understand an NFT in the fine art context, is that it’s basically a certificate of authentication. An NFT is not the art itself, it’s more like the signature on the back of the work. Where the implications of this technology become interesting to me as an artist, is of course on the creative side. 

Artists are suddenly able to authenticate new types of work that we would not have been able to before. For example, now we can sell a video of a specific moment as an NFT (in the way the NBA is currently doing). Or artists can create digital sculptures that change with the seasons, or randomly generate specific details every time they are opened. Coming from a dance background, I am specifically interested in how this technology applies to movements and performances. If I had the means to buy a vintage performance piece by Marina Abramovic as an NFT, I would.

My NFT Collection

This is why I have chosen GIFs as the medium for my genesis NFT collection. Because it is a format that shows motion, is synonymous with the internet of right now, and belongs to the new frontier for art collection.

Today I have a collection of 28 NFTs available on Openseas for .5 $ETH each. These 28 NFTs are created from the World of One series, my most collected body of work. I think of them as sister pieces to the exhibition prints these GIFs are based off of. Both the prints and the NFTs are in editions of 5, with the NFTs priced at about half the USD value of the print at the time of this writing. Resisto (seen above) is the only NFT in this collection currently unlisted. As I am reserving it for the MassArt auction this weekend (4/9/2022), where the print/NFT are both included in this year’s live auction.

While I currently have yet to sell any of my NFTs, I like having the option of being able to offer them to future collectors. In a few years, if I am able to make a few good career moves like I plan to. The next generation of collectors will be able to google my name, and immediately buy one of my NFTs. This is why I am planning to further incorporate the minting of NFTs into my artistic practice. So I can build that infrastructure now to make my work more accessible for the future.

For the sake of preserving this moment, I will post the NFTs I currently have for sale on Opensea below. Please click the images to access their listing page.

Narcissus II
Illusions of Progress
Odysseus’ Rock
School of Cambridge
The Stranger
Diligentia II
Fearful Courage
Glory of Shame
Hopeful Despair
Memento Mori
Paradox of Choice
Shinobi no Kame
The World is Watching
Chasing Magritte
Death of Narcissus
Feeling Numb
The Offering
Battle of Johnnys
Grounded Ambitions
Memento Mori II
Migrant Shores
A Waking Dream
Pleasures of Pain

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