A Spring Story

Around this time every year, I panic. As soon as the leaves start blooming, I start to feel the creative pressure to get out and capture their fleeting beauty. After missing out on spring entirely last year (lockdown will do that), as well as trudging through a tough and harsh winter. I feel like I’m appreciating this spring more than any other I have in my life. Between raising AAIP hate crimes and staggering death tolls, I really just wanted to go out and make something pretty. 

So a couple weekends ago, I asked my friend Ann to go out and take some pictures of her with the blooming sakuras. After the past few weeks this felt like a sigh of relief for my eyes and my soul. After shooting we got takeout delivered straight to the park (I didn’t know you could do that!), and ate while taking in the view. It felt like one of those beautiful everyday moments that are so easily ignored, but remind you of why life is worth living.

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