World of One

I guess you know you’ve made something cool when you want to share it with all your friends. I have been taking a rather long and lazy break from actually shooting work since about the beginning of this summer. Instead I have focused most of my time on making paper cranes for my senzaburu project (where I’m trying to make 1000 paper cranes so I can get my wish!) and trying to find a goddamn day job (this would be my wish). The big problem with this project has been, quite simply, it’s really un-fun. Every so often I will take a break (or five billion) allow myself to get distracted and go out and do other stuff. This would be one such distractions.

This picture was inspired by photographer Peter Funch’s “Babel Tales” and by the work of :Phunk Studio a design group based out of Singapore. I have had the idea for this picture floating around in my head nugget for about two months now. It was ungodly humid to shoot and took me about two days to put together. I would like to say that that you can expect more work like this from me in the future, but I am kinda fresh out of ideas right now to be honest. Either way, I present to you the “first” in my “World of One” series. I titled this one “Dichotomy.”


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