World of One: Salvo

Just as I promised, a new “World of One” piece! I present to you friends and random readers/followers “World of One: Salvo.” From a technical standpoint, this picture is far superior to my “Dichotomy” piece I posted in August of last year. It feels good to be making some cool looking shit again. Not that I think my other pictures don’t look cool (otherwise I wouldn’t be posting them on here) but I think this series tends to have a stronger immediate visual impact than the others. I’m totally going to send this to all my friends (mental note, noted).

Now that the weather is warm enough for me to actually want to be outside, I think I’ll actually get around to making more of these, and possibly finishing the series. To be honest I was a little scared at first, mostly because I was fresh out of ideas as to how I could make these more awesome. But as we were shooting I remembered how little of a fucking clue I had the first time around. I never know what’s going on with these shoots and that’s probably why they are so much fun. Usually when I plan things out it never goes the way that I want. This has been true in my dancing as well. More recently I have begun the painful process of learning how to freestyle, learning to concentrate on the music and less on what I’m actually doing. As a result, my dancing has definitely gotten better (or at least feels a hell of a lot better anyway). With the artwork it’s the exact thing: if I over think it, it’s shit. When I concentrate on just doing and making something awesome, even if I have no idea what I’m doing somehow it magically works.


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