World of One: Reflection

It feels like I’ve been waiting all summer to take this picture. Unlike the previous images in the world of one series, this was shot on 35mm kodak color film. Of course the film is scanned and manipulated digitally after. But actually shooting with film again, reminded me of how I’d completely forgotten the feeling of fear that came with it. The big difference is this, when you’re shooting with film, you’re bleeding money every time you press the button. I hear dollar signs in my head for each click of the shutter on my old Minolta.

But film has a completely different feel to it. The colors between each company and film type are different, there’s more of an element of unpredictability to it. Each roll of film feels like more of a gamble, there is less room for error. I don’t even know if I think this is a good picture or not, but I do know that I want to keep making more of these things until I get it right.

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