World of One: Odysseus’ Rock

Odysseus' Rock

Odysseus’ Rock (from the series World of One)

Archival Pigment Print from 35mm Negatives
24″ x 39 7/8″ inches | edition of 5


Girlfriend says (as she points at my yellow socks): “It bothers me!”

This is my 100th blog post! While I’d like to celebrate this milestone with shameless debauchery on an epic scale, it instead looks like I’ll have to settle for buying lunch and unveiling my latest creation.

Odysseus’ Rock was shot the same day as The Paradox of Choice, and was actually photographed just a little further up the street. Originally I had wanted to shoot a photo with all the figures in line and staring straight into the camera, with the central figure looking away. However, when I arrived at the scene, I decided to put that plan in reverse in order to better suit the setting.

Completed in just 18 hours, with only 13 frames collaged into the final picture, this was much easier to put together than Paradox of Choice. In many respects, I think it is also the more successful of the two, particularly because I enjoy looking at it more.

I got the idea for the title after reading this line from the Odyssey’s Wikipedia page, under the paragraph about the Character of Odysseus:

“Odysseus’ name means ‘trouble’ in Greek, referring to both the giving and receiving of trouble—as is often the case in his wanderings.”

While that might not be exactly accurate, reading this made me feel like I could identify with the way in which Odysseus is troubled by his lack of a sense of security. For Odysseus, the ultimate goal is to get home, a place of safety and comfort. Similarly, I am also searching for a means of comfort and security, albeit the financial kind.

When I look at this picture, I think it illustrates my feelings of being unemployed and searching for a better solution. The figures are surrounded by prosperity, but they are marooned on a rock and looking for a way out.

Thanks again to Jenn Boudreau for assisting me with this image!

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