World of One: Focus

We don’t all look the same!!! Except when we all look the same…

My ideas for these projects are starting to build off one another. At first I wanted to just mess with the configurations of the different figures (for some reason I never think of the guys in these images as myself) but I think I will start to do more of these imaginary instillations in other areas now too. I’ve started using the term “imaginary instillations” probably because people look at me like I’m crazy when I’m shooting them, and also because they don’t really exist except in the reality I’ve created with my pictures. The more of these I do, the more technically savvy I feel like I am becoming. Each one is has become increasingly more complex than the last. As a good friend of mine would say “Progression is here!!!”

I just finished shooting another one of these earlier this week, and will be putting it together later today. I’m starting to get restless with this project, not because I think what I’m doing is not worthwhile, but more because I want to start working on some other projects, but this one eats up so much time. My drawings thus far have been a fail, but I think i’m gonna start drawing more stuff that I like, and actually take some time to make it good. It makes a huge difference when I actually try, but for some reason or another (laziness…mostly laziness) I sometimes don’t.


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