When in Doubt

Sometimes it’s good to revisit old ideas with what newfound knowledge you might have earned. I’ve been working all weekend on some new World of One stuff, and failing miserably at it. This is the first time I’ve failed making an image for this series (and is also reminding me why I’ve been so adamant about doing more). I think I know how to fix it now though so that really just translates to more work this week. It’s not even that the image came out bad, it’s just that I know it’s not as good as it probably could and should be. It can really suck knowing what you’re doing at times, so I’ve decided that I’m probably over thinking it and am just gonna blast it with random elements.

All that is gonna have to wait until later though, mostly because i’m actually gonna have to reshoot that idea. So for today I decided to work on other stuff instead. I was gonna shoot my buddy ivan with my t-shirt on in an attempt to make it more marketable to dudes (it’s suppose to be a unisex tee after all). But then again I figured you can’t really beat a cute girl, so I’m not even gonna try. This is what we came up with kinda just fuckin’ around with ideas.

Herro! Peekaboo!

Yo gimme a hand here!


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