Walking Narcissist

Walking Narcissist - A man in a dark suit walking in the street, with a line of men in white suits reflected in a window, walking in the opposite direction.

Walking Narcissist

Walking Narcissist is about the process of introspection, of questioning who we are and who we want to be. Like my Narcissus before it, this image directly deals with what is perhaps the primary theme of World of One, how our identities are constructed.


Production Notes

The composition and placement in of the figures in Walking Narcissist, combines themes from my previous works Reflection, and Diligentia IIReflection was the first W.O.1 image I shot on film, but I was never happy with the way it came out (which is why I hardly ever show it). I thought the image was too subtle, and lacking the level of drama I was trying to achieve. Walking Narcissist then, is my latest attempt at producing a WO1 style picture which uses reflections to create surreal effects.

Reflection - An asian man walking in the street with large windows behind him that show a reflection of a line of asian men walking in the opposite direction.



Diligentia II - A line of asian men in white suits walking one way, and a single asian man in a dark suit walking the other way.

Diligentia II

Artist Notes

I find that this is a very appropriate image to be releasing today, as it mirrors how I feel this morning. With the big upset in the election, I like millions of other Americans, am questioning how we got to this point. Maybe this is the price I pay for not taking my civic duty seriously. For not voting in the primaries (or midterm elections), and not speaking my mind when confronted with opposing perspectives.

I feel I have taken our political process for granted. With my feelings of entitlement blinding me to how much work the process really is. But I feel fired up now, and more determined than ever to fight for a more inclusive America. I think we have to communicate better, and make the relevant information easier, and more attractive to digest. We need to pay attention to each others fears and concerns, even the perspective differs from our own. We have to participate in the discussion of power in our country, and encourage others to do the same. It’s not our moments of triumph which define us, but how we get back up!!!

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