Travel Fail

I am really bad at traveling, and I just returned from a weekend trip to new york last night. I thought I was being smart by buying my boltbus ticket a few days early online. But apparently I suck at reading websites or something, because I bought a ticket for the wrong date. This was something I didn’t even notice until I was the last in line for my bus. So it was on to plan b) the chinatown bus (or what we used to call the “SARS bus”). While I was waiting inline I looked over and noticed how almost all the people in the megabus line across from me were white, while my lucky star line was packed full of minorities. I took this picture when I finally arrived in chinatown hours later, after battling many hours of traffic.

On my way back I spent most of the first hour trying not to puke. I normally don’t get motion sickness, but I was quite hungover from the night before and was discovering just how bad it was as the day went on. On the way back I read a book, drew a picture, and took this photo.

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