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Beautiful Meditations 2/3

Beautiful Meditations

Beautiful Meditations 2017 I’ve been trying to shoot a picture like this for years. In 2011, I tried to burn 1000 origami cranes in my parents’ backyard during a blizzard. Except they wouldn’t burn (they got too wet). Since then, my dreamed of making a picture containing these elements: fire, snow, and origami; have remained just that – a dream. Turns out I was missing a key ingredient – gasoline. Balancing Trauma and Catharsis This is my favorite kind of work to make, largely because I get to simultaneously create and destroy. I see this process as my way of …

Walking Narcissist - A man in a dark suit walking in the street, with a line of men in white suits reflected in a window, walking in the opposite direction.

Walking Narcissist

Walking Narcissist Walking Narcissist is about the process of introspection, of questioning who we are and who we want to be. Like my Narcissus before it, this image directly deals with what is perhaps the primary theme of World of One, how our identities are constructed.   Production Notes The composition and placement in of the figures in Walking Narcissist, combines themes from my previous works Reflection, and Diligentia II. Reflection was the first W.O.1 image I shot on film, but I was never happy with the way it came out (which is why I hardly ever show it). I thought the …

Silent Scream - A women dressed in black screaming, with a group of the same women dressed in white sitting gesturing for her silence.

Silent Scream

Silent Scream Silent Scream is the product of a collaboration with NYC based Hip Hop dancer/choreographer/actress Mayo Kinoshita. Mayo has a dizzying array of skills, and I felt really lucky to have her pose for my camera. Originally I had a more static and somber image in mind. However, once we started shooting, I was blown away by Mayo’s more dynamic take on the subject. This resulted in a much more fluid image, which I find easier on the eyes and more enjoyable to study in detail.   Artist Notes Silent Scream is about how we use seductive lies to …

An Asian man on a domed stone stage in a white suit with Asian men in black suits reaching from below.

World of One: Fortuna

Fortuna 2015 Archival Pigment Print from 35mm Negatives 24 x 41 1/4 inches | edition of 5   Growing up in the US through the mid 80’s and 90’s, I was raised in a culture obsessed with trying to convince everyone that they are winners. This is an unrealistic outlook, given the fact that in most competitions, more often than not, there can be only one winning party. So statistically speaking, myself and others often ended up on the losing end of things. For me, this near obsessive focus on being a winner has actually had a negative effect. Mostly …