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Reflection Archives | Johnny Tang Photo
An overheating Johnny in a dark suit, standing next to a door in rural Taiwan, with white suited Johnnys in the reflection behind him.

World of One: Citong

Citong 2016 Giclée Image size (HxW): 24” x 52 7/16” inches | Paper Size (HxW): 30” x 58 7/16” | Edition of 5   Citong is named after my father’s hometown, a small village in Taiwan’s rural southern countryside. This image was shot at my grandparents’ house. A place remarkably unchanged since I was last there nearly ten years ago. Though this picture is loaded with nostalgia for me personally, I think artistically it comes up a little short. Here are some thoughts on why that is so.   Production Notes From a technical standpoint, these were really difficult shooting conditions. …

World of One: Reflection

It feels like I’ve been waiting all summer to take this picture. Unlike the previous images in the world of one series, this was shot on 35mm kodak color film. Of course the film is scanned and manipulated digitally after. But actually shooting with film again, reminded me of how I’d completely forgotten the feeling of fear that came with it. The big difference is this, when you’re shooting with film, you’re bleeding money every time you press the button. I hear dollar signs in my head for each click of the shutter on my old Minolta. But film has …