Door Gods

When world champion bodybuilder Brian Hazel approached me about giving him the BBoy Monster-esqu treatment, I was hesitant at first. Until now, I had never attached limbs skin to skin before. In the case of the BBoy Monsters, I also do a lot of blending for the limbs by hiding boundaries within the folds of clothing. Initially I even turned him down, recommending him to a friend who specializes in photographing bodybuilders. But Brian assured me that it was my particular expertise and vision that he was after. So I reluctantly agreed. My original concept for this set of images, …

BBoy Monster: Heat Rock One

BBoy Monsters: Heat – Squid Stance 2011 Archival Pigment Print 24″ x 17″ inches | edition of 10 As of today BBoy Monsters is now officially an ongoing series. I am currently looking for more models, so if any readers/bboys are interested in participating in this project please leave me a comment (and make me feel important) or contact me through other means such as email, facebook, etc. Special thanks to my good friend BBoy Heat Rock One for posing for me earlier today!! You guys can expect more of this work in the near future.