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World of One: Migrant Shores - white figure lying down by a seascape, black figures around him taking pictures.

World of One: Migrant Shores

Migrant Shores 2016 Giclée Image size (HxW): 24” x 47” inches | Paper Size (HxW): 30” x 53” | Edition of 5 Shoot Notes I was visiting family in Taiwan and Hainan this summer, where I also managed to shoot two World of One pictures. Migrant Shores was taken in Sanya, a popular beach and resort destination on tropical island of Hainan, China. Physically, I think this was one of the most difficult shots I endured so far. The heat and humidity of the tropical island climate turned any sort of outdoor activity into a workout. Hell, I’d start sweating …

World of One: Fearful Courage

World of One: Fearful Courage

Fearful Courage 2016 Archival Pigment Print 24″ x 41″ inches | edition of 5 General Comments I shot Fearful Courage in November of 2014, but due to a lack of funding I was unable to develop this piece until recently. That said, I’m relieved to see that it actually came out ok! In the words of an old photographer I once worked for “It feels like taking a shit you’ve been holding in for months!” Procrastination aside, I’m also pleased to finish this image in time for an autumn release! It’s a dream of mine to make a World of …

Christian Science Center, Boston MA

Why Your Background Matters, In Art and In Life

I recently returned from a trip to Taiwan and Hainan, where I was shooting work and visiting family. As I was searching for places to serve as the background in my photos, I also thought about how my search was symbolic of my trip as a whole. Choosing a good background is a photographic skill, which is why professional photographers often bring their own. A good background can complement the subject being photographed, while a bad one can be distracting. A photobomb for example, makes for a distracting background. As the whole point of the activity is to take attention …