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Conceptual Portraits Archives | Johnny Tang Photo
Popping Monster - Sun Kim, Buddha's Slap. Sun Kim tutting in DUMBO Brooklyn with 5 arms.

Popping Monster – Sun Kim

Popping Monster – Sun Kim, Buddha’s Slap 2016 Archival Pigment Print 24″ x 17″ inches | edition of 10 Allow me to introduce the latest addition to my Monsters series: Popping Monster – Sun Kim!!! Sun is not only a talented dancer with legendary popping skills, but also a dance instructor, and a choreographer! Not content with conquering events such as: Step Ya Game Up 2014, Book of styles 2014, and Immortal Street Dance battle 2013. Sun has also appeared in commercials, music videos, and has even taught a Popping workshop at Princeton University. Sun is currently preparing for Who You Are, an innovative and experimental …

Popping Monster - Sun Buddha's Box. Sun Kim posing in DUMBO Brooklyn , tutting with 6 arms.

Published in Daily Mail Online Today!!!!

From my latest set of Popping Monsters – Sun, Buddha’s Box (more to come soon!) My BBoy Monsters were published in the Daily Mail UK this morning! The headline reads “How many arms and legs? Break dancers are turned into Buddhas for bizarre photography project” I guess it makes sense that this work ended up in a tabloid newspaper. But with a circulation of over 1,700,000 I’m not going to complain! With 6 days left to my indiegogo campaign, more exposure for this work is exactly what I need!!! Thank you to all my fans, contributors and collectors! Your continued …

BBoy Monster: Heat Rock 2.0

BBoy Monsters: Heat – Pharaoh 2016 Archival Pigment Print 24″ x 17″ inches | edition of 10   If you like this work, please consider making a donation to my indiegogo campaign!!! As of this morning we are 16% funded with 22 days left!! Heat Rock, the dancer I’m presenting to you today, is a master of many styles and is known far and wide for his fantastic musicality. I met Heat as a popper many years ago before he transitioned into a full fledged BBoy. He was one of the first BBoy Monsters I ever shot, but it always bothered me how …

BBoy Monsters: Jumanji - Pretzel. BBoy Jumanji with threading in a shoulder freeze with 4 legs and 3 arms

BBoy Monsters Indiegogo Launch

Exciting things are happening!! I’ve been awarded a solo show at Reed Space, a lifestyle boutique store in NYC’s Lower East Side, which also features an art gallery!!! I will be showing work from my BBoy Monsters series, half of which will be new work shot this year featuring local NYC dancers. The show opens Saturday, May 14, 2016 with an opening reception from 4-7:00pm. The show will be up for 4 weeks. I have also just launched a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo to help relieve some of the production costs for the show. Please have a look by clicking …

BBoy Monsters: Jumanji - Iaido. BBoy Jumanji posing against a grey cement wall with 6 arms making gun gestures.

BBoy Monsters: Jumanji

BBoy Monsters – Jumanji, Iaido 2016 Archival Pigment Print 24″ x 17″ inches | edition of 10   Introducing the latest addition to my BBoy Monsters: Jumanji, of Floor Obsessions Crew!! Jumanji is an up and coming BBoy in the NYC scene, and is really starting to hit his stride. While I am writing this, he is currently in Salzburg, Austria, competing in the international 2 vs 2 at Circle Industry 2016. This guy is a beast! I’ve known Jumanji for about half a decade, and have witnessed firsthand his impressive dedication to the dance. His aggressive and fluid style …

BBoy Monster: Heat Rock One

BBoy Monsters: Heat – Squid Stance 2011 Archival Pigment Print 24″ x 17″ inches | edition of 10 As of today BBoy Monsters is now officially an ongoing series. I am currently looking for more models, so if any readers/bboys are interested in participating in this project please leave me a comment (and make me feel important) or contact me through other means such as email, facebook, etc. Special thanks to my good friend BBoy Heat Rock One for posing for me earlier today!! You guys can expect more of this work in the near future.