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A group of Asian men in white walking under a bridge, towards an Asian man in a black suit.

World of One: Tao

Tao 2018GicléeImage size (HxW): 24” x 46 5/16” | Paper Size (HxW): 30″ x 52 5/16″ | Edn 5 Tao in Chinese (or sometimes spelled Dao) is a word often used to “asian-ify” things. In the west, the word connotes images of oriental themed nightclubs, or chinese takeouts and sake bombs. But in Chinese it simply means “the way.” The way it’s used however, I think it should be translated to “the way things should be.” I’ve been going through a number of personal changes in my life, and these last three months have been filled with new experiences. These …

the Offering - a man in white seated at a park bench with an out stretched hand, a crowd of men in black walking by him refusing his hand.

World of One: the Offering

the Offering 2018 Giclée Image size (HxW): 24” x 41 9/16” | Paper Size (HxW): 30” x 47 9/16” | Edn 5 The Offering is inspired and titled after a 2013 piece, by the Taiwanese American artist James Jean. Jean is one of the few Taiwanese American artists, visibly successful, working in the fine arts today. So he’s basically like my art hero, and his work just blows me away. I’ve often taken inspiration from his style of composition, use of color, and also the otherworldly themes present in his work. TheOffering is my homage to the man and his …

Asian man in black standing on a stump in the middle of a pond, men in white reflected within the pond looking at him.

World of One: Narcissus II

Narcissus II 2017 Giclée Image size (HxW): 24″ x 48 1/8” | Paper Size (HxW): 30″ x 54 1/8” | Edition of 5 I’ve just completed a beautiful new addition to my World of One series, welcome to the world Narcissus II!!! The picture in my Beautiful Failures post and Narcissus II were shot on the same day. In fact, Narcissus II is much closer to the shot that I had originally planned for the day, and was actually shot first!!! But it was while we were shooting this angle, that I realized the Beautiful Failures angle would be more …

guy in a dark suit standing on a stump in the middle of a big puddle.

Beautiful Failures

This picture is a little painful for me to look at. It is just so close to being a fantastic new iteration in my WO1 series but it’s not. Instead I’m adding it to my pile of beautiful failures, images that almost succeed but stop just short of the finish line. I’ve been trying to do more WO1 images involving reflections (similar to what I did for Narcissus back in the day), and in particular, I’ve been trying to do a version of Narcissus that uses the reflections from puddles. So far however, I haven’t been lucky enough with things …

Walking Narcissist - A man in a dark suit walking in the street, with a line of men in white suits reflected in a window, walking in the opposite direction.

Walking Narcissist

Walking Narcissist Walking Narcissist is about the process of introspection, of questioning who we are and who we want to be. Like my Narcissus before it, this image directly deals with what is perhaps the primary theme of World of One, how our identities are constructed.   Production Notes The composition and placement in of the figures in Walking Narcissist, combines themes from my previous works Reflection, and Diligentia II. Reflection was the first W.O.1 image I shot on film, but I was never happy with the way it came out (which is why I hardly ever show it). I thought the …

Invictus Excerpt

Why the Colorful Shoes?

Excerpt from Invictus What’s with the colorful shoes? This is a question I get a lot when it comes to my self-portrait work. The short and simple answer, is that it’s an allusion to my youthful days as a competitive BBoy (break dancer). The long and complicated answer however, is that they’re there to represent the mysteries of life we have yet to solve. Sounds like art school bullshit, I know. But bare with me a little. The World of One is centered around the themes of dichotomy and paradox. I use the black and white suits as a metaphor …