Sleepless Nights

The words of artist David Choe ring in my ears “You got to wok harda, you know? While you’re sleeping i’m still drawing’. I’m on tour i’m drawing. I go home, i’m drawing. I wake up in the morning I’m drawing in the mirror. I don’t have to, but I like to so, you have to try harda, you have to wok harda.”

You see all kinds of cool shit when everyone else is sleeping. I myself have always loved night photography. As photographers we always remember that first picture we made that got us hooked. Most people in the world know what it’s like to take a picture, but when you make that first image that becomes more than a social document, you will remember it forever. For a guy like me, one of my biggest influences in art are the surrealists (obviously). But in particular there was this one guy named Brassai, whose pictures showed me that the world can be surreal if you’re looking for it.

I was looking out my window last night and I saw some guys working on the mass pike near my apartment. Whenever I pass by night workers on the highway at night, I always feel like i’m entering a strange and different world. Them big lights just make everything look so freaking cool. So as the world slept, I went out to capture what I saw, and I’m glad that I did.

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