Popping Monsters

Popping Monsters: Guns

Popping Monster: Millions Guns


My buddy Dave (who regularly assists me as “Honorable Pusher of Buttons” on my World of One shoots), asked me recently if I’d be interested in turning him into a Popping Monster. While I am much less familiar with the intricacies of Popping than I am with Breaking, I was up for the challenge and excited to venture into new territory. Dave also insisted on making a behind the scenes video of the entire operation, which I’ve included here as well. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Popping Monsters: Spiderweb

Popping Monster: Ghost in the Machine Spiderweb


Popping Monsters: Nick Fury

Popping Monster: Nick the Fury


Popping Monsters: Popping Octo

Popping Monster: Popping Octo

video courtesy of Dave Shi

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