My Camera is Broken

My camera broke earlier this month and I haven’t been able to make any new work. I was however, able to get some stuff shot for my senzaburu project around thanksgiving, thanks to my friend Billy the Kim Strong Ill. This is one of the test shots from that shoot.

It’s been a while since I have been photographing portraits of other people, but I think this is probably one of my best. Most of the time you work really hard to find that one picture, out of thousands, that works the way you want it to work. Then sometimes it just drops into your lap in a single shot, making you feel kinda stupid for working so hard. This would be closer to the latter.

Seeing as it has finally snowed in Boston, I will be focusing on completing my senbazuru project for the next few months. Because of the seasonal nature of that project, if I do not finish it this winter I would have to wait another year to complete it. So if you don’t see much new work from me in the next month or so, be patient, it’ll come, and it’ll be filled with awesome.

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