World of One: Memento Mori

A group of Asian gentleman standing in a circle on a hill, with a fall scene in the background. At the center of the circle is an Asian gentleman in white, floating in mid air on his back.

Memento Mori
Archival Pigment Print from 35mm Negatives
24 x 47 1/8 inches | edition of 5


When our friends pass away, they take a piece of us with them. Their absence leaves a void in our lives, directly proportional to the impact they made in them. Memento Mori was created with this concept in mind, and was meant to be a tribute to my friends who’ve passed away. But I wouldn’t exactly consider this a successful image (not striking enough), so it’ll have to remain in the “almost good” pile for the time being.

What bothers me the most about this picture is that the figures are barely lit. I was so focused on trying to get an epic fall background (something that’s been elusive to me in my work), that I totally ignored the details in the foreground. Even though I put in just as much effort into this image as I do any other, a few small lapses in creative judgement have ruined the image for me. In short it could be better, much better, and I intend to make it so.

Hoping to try this arrangement again in the new year, so be on the lookout for Memento Mori II!!! Any volunteers for button pushing duty?

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Special thanks to Laura Lachman for getting up early on a weekend to assist me with this shoot!!!

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