Madness Before Method

This has been a busy month. I’ve been preparing for my shows, creating hype and worrying about nobody showing up. Most recently I have been shooting for project code name Super Ego, and am still looking for models who wish to participate (see call for models [kinda] post below). I don’t even remember the last time I took this many portraits. Currently on a break from the cool surrealist kind of stuff, but really that just means I’m itching to make some more pretty soon. Now that the weather is warming up, I will hopefully get around to making more World of One pieces. Not really sure if I’m going to keep it exclusively to myself or if I’m going to get other people in on it. Guess I’ll just have to try both and see what happens.

Until then, here’s a triptych I took the morning I shot the fanale for my Senbazuru series. It was the last snow storm of the season, and also promptly made me sick for the entirety of the following week. Also, I’m currently looking for people who want to join my art crew (collective). We will need:

1 graphic designer
1 sculptor
1 painter
1 print maker

and lots of booze and time to get together and share ideas for cool stuff we can make. Basically I’m trying to start a crew so we can share skills and make cooler artwork happen. Anybody wanna print some T-shirts for me??? Hollaaaaa!

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