Jealous Pride

Jealous PrideJealous Pride

Archival Pigment Print
24 x 47 inches | edition of 5

Jealous Pride is about the fragile relationship we have with our own self-esteem. Simply put, when we’re feeling good, we’re totally unbothered by our insecurities. However, I often find that those same insecurities still linger in the dark recesses of our minds.

Since I first started working on my World of One series, I’ve always thought to myself “This would probably look much better if it was a pretty girl in the picture instead of my face!” Now 5 years later, I finally have the chance to put that thought into action.

Jealous Pride was suppose to be the fanale in a 6 image fashion editorial I was trying to put together when I first moved to NYC in 2013. Unfortunately that editorial fell, but I still kept the reference materials I prepared, because I was confident the idea itself was good. Although there are still some technical flaws here on my end, after seeing the finished product I feel that my confidence was well placed.

A very special thank you to the beautiful Nadia Aryfullina (the model featured in this shot) for collaborating with me on this picture!!! Check out more of her stuff here!!!

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