Girl in the Window

Probably one of the better pictures I’ve taken.

In photo-school they teach you little tricks to composing your pictures in order to make them look a little more interesting. One of these tricks that’s always eluded me however, is taking a picture of someone standing in a window. When you do this, the window basically acts like a circle on the page telling the viewer where to look. If you do it right, it’s really difficult to take a bad picture. In my case however, I always managed to press the shutter a split second too early, or too late. Thereby leaving pieces of my subject cut off by the edges of the frame, resulting in a terrible picture. Finally on a bright sunny afternoon this past week, I got the idea to set up this shot in formal setting. As all the elements finally came together, the process started to feel like second nature, like “damn, it’d be really hard to screw this up right now. I have no idea why it was so hard before, why do I feel stupid?”

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