Cycle of Love

Cycle of Love Triptych
Cycle of Love

Just released! Cycle of Love!!!

It’s been six years since I’ve done any work involving origami. This is in large part due to the fact that it took me a whole year to complete the last one, because it involved folding a thousand paper cranes in pursuit of making a wish (Senbazuru).

But the thing is, although I always tell people the story of how I made my wish, I hardly ever discuss what I actually wished for. Traditionally a Senbazuru folder is suppose to make some sort of selfless wish, such as: wishing a couple a happy marriage, or recovery from an illness for a loved one. Me? My needs were more simple and direct. I just wanted a goddamn a job and a girlfriend!!!

Lo and behold, a couple months after I completed my Senbazuru project, I started a new part time job and began seeing someone. Mission accomplished!

Or so I thought.

Sadly, this past January my relationship came to an end. Cycle of Love is made in reaction to this experience, with the intention of describing the different phases love and dating. The first panel describes the initial infatuation, when everything is still new and eye catching. The second panel explores that period in the middle of a relationship, when things start to heat up and get exciting. Finally the last panel describes what comes after, when the participants have been changed as a result of their experiences.

I folded twelve roses for this piece, because I was in this relationship for about six years. I like to think that six of these roses belong to me, and six belong to her. Together they symbolize the years that we’ve spent together.


This triptych will be on display as part of a group show titled “Men I Love, and Other Things I Think About” at Amy Van Doran’s Modern Love Club in New York’s East Village.

Drop by April 29 – June 6 and come see!!!!


In detail:

Cycle of Love 1/3

Cycle of Love 2/3

Cycle of Love 3/3


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