Crouching Tiger, Hidden Photographer

Xing Yi – 5 Linking Form

Mysterious Attainment Broadsword

Long before I ever started break dancing. I, like a good asian boy, was really into Kung Fu. For most of grade school, I went to Kung fu class on Sundays in an after Chinese school program. While I have long since given up on my kung fu adventures, here’s a guy who actually stuck with it. This is my buddy Henry Lee, newly graduated acupuncturist and master of the style of “Wudang Quan”. These images were compiled from movements in the “Xing Yi 5 Phase Linking”, and “Mysterious Attainment Broadsword” forms (Kung Fu names are so cool!!!!).

Note: to my militant Asians, I’m sorry this does nothing but perpetuate the stereotype that all chinese guys are Bruce Lee. My bad, next time!

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