Concert Fail

Since graduating from art school a year ago this month, I have found myself completely unprepared for post graduate world. I have spent much of this past year bouncing from job to job while trying to scrap together some time and money to make more work/figure out this crazy photo business thing. I realize now that I have been going about this the wrong way, and that I should have just jumped first and asked questions later. In leaving the comforts of school, I had forgotten the most important lesson my professors had ever taught me: the road to success is paved with past failures.

When I first started photographing for Foundwaves, I was actively trying to fail. Not that I went out to actively produce shitty work, but rather I was trying to accomplish something I wasn’t sure I could do. I applied for a position with Foundwaves despite very minimal experience shooting concert photography, and having next to zero exposure to it. This photo shot while on assignment for them from April, signifies my big “ah hah!” moment with concert photography. I have since then, become much more comfortable shooting shows, and will be preparing a portfolio of this work, along with other updates for my website by the end of the month.

The band featured here is called Dragonette, and this was shot during their performance at Great Scott’s in Allston, MA on April 27, 2010. You can view the rest of the pics from the show on Foundwaves: here, and peep Dragonette on their site here.

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