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An overheating Johnny in a dark suit, standing next to a door in rural Taiwan, with white suited Johnnys in the reflection behind him.

World of One: Citong

Citong 2016 Giclée Image size (HxW): 24” x 52 7/16” inches | Paper Size (HxW): 30” x 58 7/16” | Edition of 5   Citong is named after my father’s hometown, a small village in Taiwan’s rural southern countryside. This image was shot at my grandparents’ house. A place remarkably unchanged since I was last there nearly ten years ago. Though this picture is loaded with nostalgia for me personally, I think artistically it comes up a little short. Here are some thoughts on why that is so.   Production Notes From a technical standpoint, these were really difficult shooting conditions. …

Christian Science Center, Boston MA

Why Your Background Matters, In Art and In Life

I recently returned from a trip to Taiwan and Hainan, where I was shooting work and visiting family. As I was searching for places to serve as the background in my photos, I also thought about how my search was symbolic of my trip as a whole. Choosing a good background is a photographic skill, which is why professional photographers often bring their own. A good background can complement the subject being photographed, while a bad one can be distracting. A photobomb for example, makes for a distracting background. As the whole point of the activity is to take attention …

Travel Fail

I am really bad at traveling, and I just returned from a weekend trip to new york last night. I thought I was being smart by buying my boltbus ticket a few days early online. But apparently I suck at reading websites or something, because I bought a ticket for the wrong date. This was something I didn’t even notice until I was the last in line for my bus. So it was on to plan b) the chinatown bus (or what we used to call the “SARS bus”). While I was waiting inline I looked over and noticed how …